Thanks for joining me!

I live in the beautiful Huon Valley beside the Huon River, about 60kms south of Tasmania’s capital city Hobart.

The valley is named for the Huon Pine Tree only found in Tasmania, a very slow growing tree.   

I hope to share many photographs of my island home, and my life here.  I am a widow and having had a severe breakdown, I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety,    these are things that have changed my life exponentially.  I was working and earning great money, but now I am on a very low income.  Yet compared to many many people I am so fortunate.  Where I live the air is clean, you can drink the water from most creeks, I go to bed warm and fed.  

I share my life with dogs (2), up until recently I had three but my darling Smithfield(in my profile picture) died recently.  Toby was a  Smithfield a Tasmanian breed.  So cute.  
I love dogs, photography gardening, cooking …so many things, I look forward to sharing with you and you with me.


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